Let’s start with the obvious: happy workers are productive workers. Conversely, a disgruntled workforce is a recipe for sluggish business performance. Those facts are well-known. But what’s not so obvious is the right chemistry to make it all click.

So how can employers create the best possible environment for productivity? And what can individual employees do to create “micro-level” positive vibes that not only produce an ideal workspace, but can also reverberate throughout the entire company?

Finding the right answers can increase employee morale, reduce turnover rate, build a better business brand and optimize profits.

The Upbeat Office – Anomaly or Almost Within Reach?

A few years ago, LinkedIn conducted a workplace happiness study, and the results were rather sobering; almost 20,000 employees were surveyed about general job satisfaction, and only 15% were happy in their current role.

The LinkedIn study is certainly related to the disconnect often felt between worker bees and upper management. Another study showed than less than 50% of surveyed workers believe that senior management is actively looking out for employees’ best interests.

These numbers may not align with your experience, but the sheer amount of respondents from those two studies – tens of thousands of employees participated – illustrates that numerous hurdles prevent a truly happy work environment. Let’s look at some ways both employers and employees can do their part to promote more positivity – pronto!

Wanted: A Positive, Progressive & Productive Workplace

Make sure you explore the following options in the quest to move your office in a more positive direction.

Don’t Just Sit There – Stand There!

Researchers have known for a while that sitting all day isn’t exactly healthy. Thankfully, many companies are doing something about it. If your workplace hasn’t yet embraced the standing workstation, it’s worth a shot. Prolonged sitting doesn’t just stifle creativity. It’s also linked to many health problems, including increased mortality. The key to a healthy, more productive and happier workforce just might have to do with standing up. Flexible workstations allow a stand or sit option, for workers who are daunted by the thought of standing all day.

Enhanced Eatery Options

Happiness and food are inextricably linked; fond memories usually are associated with our favorite grub, and “comfort food” isn’t just a cliché. Nutritious-minded company canteens and caterers are in the process of making the next step. Many companies are opting for healthy catered lunches. Finding food that’s good for you but doesn’t necessarily taste like health food can be a tough nut to crack (macadamias nuts, incidentally, are gaining popularity as a nutrient-dense, high-energy health snack). And don’t forget the drinks. Kombucha, a fermented tea with ancient credibility and reported health benefits, is a unique addition to any workplace beverage dispenser. Kombucha Kamp has everything you need get a workplace health movement started.

Embrace the Elemental

Go the unconventional route. Instead of pricy seminars on positive workplace chance, why not implement your own elemental environmental enhancements? Feng shui and other arrangements can help. Adding some natural light (more windows, strategically placed skylights, etc.) will prevent the “darkness doldrums” that plague autumn and winter offices. Place positive energy front and center with energy crystals. Energy Muse has a great selection of crystals, stones and other products. There are endless ways to go above and beyond in search of a happier and healthier workplace.

Stress Company Connectivity

Positive energy starts with energy, period. To create happy and productive dynamics, you sometimes have to make it happen. Place newbies with senior employees on important projects. Go for an after-work happy hour. Make interactions between employees more meaningful. In short, do whatever you can to make your workplace more like a healthy, functioning –and, most of the time, happy – family.

Do you have a success story for getting a positive vibe into your workplace? What particular factors are essential for happiness on the job? Let us know in the comments section – and thanks for reading our blog!

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