Children are natural “hands-on” learners. More than any other students, kids prefer to immerse themselves in the learning process. The more practical applications and interactive modules available, the better.

These facts have always been true, but recent technological advancements in the classroom have solidified what many educators have always thought: in order for kids to learn more efficiently, classroom tools and resources must improve, too.

Companies like TCI, which provide classrooms with interactive textbooks and other advanced teaching tools, are at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s leaders, today. Let’s take a look at exactly how technology-based teaching methods benefit young students, and how firms, such as TCI, are leading the way in connecting kids with the latest technological tools.

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

People of a certain age – say, in their late 30s to early 40s – can remember when computers were first introduced to elementary school classrooms. With hulking monitors, endless piles of wires and cables, dot matrix printers, massive CPUs and clunky user interfaces, those first “personal computers” were usually anything but personal.

There were many issues with the implementation of those early computers. Many teachers were absolutely terrified of a student hitting a wrong button, printer cables were notoriously unreliable, and product support was essentially non-existent, at least to the standards we’ve come to expect with our technological gadgets.

Fast-forward to present-day, and it’s hard to find classrooms without computers or tablets. According to recent studies, devices like iPads help improve learning with young children. Educators, administrators, and counselors have taken note. Many school budgets now include funding to ensure every student has access to some form of technology.

Technology helps explain abstract concepts to young students, and the benefits of this learning style are widespread and far-reaching. Superior simulation models, efficient assessments, e-books and more – cutting-edge technology and learning tools provide the following advantages for children in the classroom:

  • Accessible platforms – technology helps foster an egalitarian learning environment
  • Hands-on learning – students can experience what is being taught
  • Greater collaboration – multi-student projects are easier and more efficient with the right technological tools in the classroom
  • Streamlined output – printing, sharing, etc.

In our ever-changing learning environment, staying on top of current trends can be a difficult task. Technology teaching enterprises like TCI are in a never-ending quest to provide educators with tools that streamline the learning process, optimize memory retention, and make education fun!

TCI: Merging Technology with Traditional Teaching Methods

TCI’s online textbooks (in the subjects of social studies and science) are just a few ways the company helps enhance learning in the classroom. Over 200,000 teachers utilize TCI’s technology-based educational resources, represented by more than 5,000 school districts.

With a subscription-based portal, TCI provides both teachers and students with a comprehensive platform to collaborate, connect, and conquer any classroom project. Plus, TCI’s learning modules and curriculum is designed to bolster student knowledge today and tomorrow; TCI works to support initiatives like the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

To learn more about TCI and their growing technology-based curriculum and learning tools, please visit their website, send a secure email or call TCI’s customer service team at 800.497.6138.

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