Pinterest has gone from a relatively obscure photo sharing website to one of the largest e-commerce apps in about ten minutes. OK, their ascendance atop the app world wasn’t that rapid, but there is no denying the Pinterest phenomenon. For businesses looking for a marketing boost, Pinterest provides a traffic-heavy platform, world-renowned branding, and mobile-friendly e-commerce capability – and that’s just the beginning.

Recent analysis shows that more than 40% of all e-commerce traffic is driven by Pinterest. If you’re a Pinterest user, that’s probably not surprising. And if you’re involved with a business that needs a marketing boost, that statistic is telling you: it’s time to generate more of your business’s interest with Pinterest!

Actual business accounts on Pinterest offer a wealth of “how-to” advice on effectively getting your message out. Let’s take a look at some existing Pinterest sites, and some lessons they can teach anyone in search of an optimal Pinterest presence.


Pinterest Profiles: How Six Companies Found Success

We analyzed six different company Pinterest sites, and each one offers valuable lessons on marketing methods, innovative industry-specific advertising and additional ways to connect with customers.

Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond core company offerings. Urgent Care Extra, a leading network of walk-in healthcare clinics, pins patriotic-themed recipe ideas on their site to create additional customer connection opportunities. One additional note on this marketing angle: even if your product line might be out of most people’s comfort zone, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s why Spicy Lingerie enjoys a solid customer base and a fast-growing new client list, too; pins include beautiful, bright, sensuous and “spicy” photos of all their products.

Scratch the “idea itch.” Pinterest is an idea factory; take advantage of the platform to highlight accessories and creative ways to supplement your main product line. For Artificial Plants and Trees, this means plenty of display-oriented pins, including an array of dazzling plant presentation possibilities. Granada Tile’s Pinterest page puts bold designs in full view (and a large variety, too), so curious customers have the chance to consider multiple décor options in no time at all.

Go with what works. Part of Namale Resort & Spa’s appeal is beautiful tropical weather. They capitalize on this built-in marketing advantage with bright, vibrant photos of their resort, with positively paradise backdrops. For Lancer Skincare, specialized products allow a precise, targeted Pinterest campaign. As a result, Lancer’s pins include highly detailed subjects like Skin-Friendly Eats, Sun Damage Cures and more.


Make Pinterest Fit Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

Let’s revisit the “square peg, round hole” principle here for a minute. All effective marketing campaigns, in the end, are based on the features and benefits of specific products and services. Only you and your company can tell your story the best way.

If your marketing campaign is already in place, and it works, Pinterest is simply another avenue to feature your unique offerings.

However, if you haven’t seriously considered an advertising plan, Pinterest is an excellent “trial balloon” to get the ball rolling – and capture extra profits! In the half-dozen company Pinterest sites we’ve shown, a common theme quickly emerges: these companies know exactly who they are, who their customers are, how their products and services add value, and also how to reach out to potential clients.  That last point is particularly important, viewed from a marketing angle.

Bottom line: make Pinterest showcase your company. Don’t try to “force” the issue. To help you devise a strategy for your business needs, check out the tips and tricks below.


Picture-Perfect Pinterest Marketing: Three Important Point to Remember

  1. Think of Pinterest as part ad campaign, part business card. For some people, Pinterest is the only chance you’ll get to make a first impression. With mobile-only users an ever-increasing part of the business landscape, it’s imperative to stand out in a crowd.
  2. Stay on schedule. Many businesses make the mistake of “post and forget about it.” While Pinterest offers intriguing ways to promote your firm, it’s not a maintenance-free endeavor. Follow a regular posting schedule, and you’ll eventually see results. And make sure to track your Pinterest marketing efforts, preferably with a web-based analytics program.
  3. Know your audience. On Pinterest, it’s all about ideas and inspiration. Pinterest users typically browse the app (or website) in search of a spark. Something different. Eye-catching excitement. So know your target audience. Keep fresh, colorful content front and center, and display your company products and services with appealing (and authentic) images and descriptions.

Is your company behind the Pinterest curve? Stay persistent, stay true to your company’s message and Pinterest will work for you! If you have any examples of how Pinterest helped your business, let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading our blog!

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