Gardens and businesses are more similar than you might think. Each requires constant attention, a nurturing hand and positive external influences. More than practically any company in the Easy to Grow BulbsUnited States, gardening supply company Easy to Grow Bulbs understands the delicate dynamic that can help bulbs and business grow!

Founded by President Jim Threadgill nearly 20 years ago, Easy to Grow Bulbs filled a gaping void in the gardening market. Before companies like Easy to Grow Bulbs, many gardeners, growers, farmers and others were restrained by geographical limitations – the bulbs available to a particular market were limited in terms of variety, quality and value.

With Easy to Grow Bulbs, Mr. Threadgill not only created a thriving marketplace for gardening enthusiasts around the world; he also helped build a gathering spot for green thumbs everywhere. Connecting growers with individual gardeners is just one of the many benefits Mr. Threadgill’s company has provided. The lasting relationships – both professionally and personally – have also made the journey worthwhile.

“Easy to Grow Bulbs started small, and we’ve grown because of a dedicated staff that’s really passionate about what they do,” Mr. Threadgill said. “And we’re looking forward to serving existing customers with the same level of exceptional service that’s defined our brand – and creating some new customers, too!”

Innovative Company just spoke with Mr. Threadgill about his time at Easy to Grow Bulbs, effective marketing methods, personal inspirational sources and future business prospects. Young entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders will find plenty of useful advice!


Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My Dad.  He came from a wonderful family that was extremely poor.  He was the first ever of his family to earn a college degree, all funded by himself working his way through school.  He was a good provider, excellent father and a diligent employee that rose through the corporate ranks and into executive management.  My work ethic has been modeled by watching him give it “everything he had” for his family.



What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Think long and hard about it and have a good solid Plan A, followed by a stronger Plan B.  It’s not for most people, but has been rewarding for me.  Gambling with you own money comes with painful consequences if both plans fall apart.  For me, the reward was worth it.  And plan on working 70+ hours per week for the first 5 years, and failure is just another opportunity to excel. Where one door closes, another will open – you just have to be willing to put in the work!



Where do you see your business in 10 years? 

Being run by my children doing 5 times the revenue that it currently does.



How do you go about marketing your business?

What has been your most successful form of marketing?  All the traditional online paid searches; Google, Bing, Facebook, Garden Forums, etc.  But the best and most productive source is free, word of mouth and referrals! Even in the current age of technological advances, face-to-face recommendations are still worth a lot.




What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?  

Selling product to old established businesses that I thought were trustworthy, and then finding out they weren’t.  Most creditors will receive no payments under our current bankruptcy laws.  Be cautious who you sell to and often things are not as they appear.




How does your company provide innovation within your industry? 

By offering new and unique growing plants, bare root perennials and flower bulbs from around the world.  The tropical items that we import from Thailand and India produce very exotic and fragrant flowers and most of our competitors don’t carry them.  Unique, wild and wonderful sell in our industry.



The parallels between growing a common garden plant and complex business are striking – and we’d like to thank Mr. Threadgill and Easy to Grow Bulbs for their input. To learn more about Easy to Grow Bulbs, check out their website, or visit their contact page.

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