We always bring work home. Videoconferencing, that one final task on your laptop, a sales call that extends into family dinnertime – despite all the talk about a proper work-life balance, the “work” part has tipped the scales considerably toward the no-fun zone.

It’s time to bring some “home” into work. But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean showing up at the office with your laundry or groceries. This blog will review different ways to upgrade your office space, based on the latest home decorating trends.

Let’s look at some of this year’s home decorating trends, along with a few different ways you can make your office area “cubicle sweet cubicle.”

Corporate Collectivism: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

When you’re ready to jazz up your office area, the big question is: How far will your employer allow you to go? The answer depends on your company’s HR policies. An unwritten rule for “acceptable office decoration” is the larger the firm, the more rigid and restrictive the HR handbook. And that means you’ll probably encounter less wiggle room inside a massive corporate structure.  Smaller companies, start-ups, and “mom-and-pop” businesses tend to be more acceptable with personal expressions of style.

But is the big office barrier myth or reality? There is definitely some truth behind the theory, and confirmation comes courtesy of Melanie Stephens from Granada Tile, who has experienced the “corporate clamp down” on decorations. “In our experience, offices for small to medium companies can be quite full of personality and really reflect the spirit, energy, and aspirations of the company,” said Ms. Stephens. “For example, Biscuit Film Studios chose a bright blue and white cement tile in a classic, Fez-style Moroccan pattern. It immediately lent their offices a sense of travel, adventure, and fun.”

The Biscuit Film Studios renovation is proof that redecorating extends well beyond your office walls and ceilings. Granada Tile helps private and commercial spaces decorate from the ground up!

Three Trends, Three Tips

The template for this year’s décor developments are already in full swing. Here are three, in particular, to keep an eye on, along with how you can “bring home to work,” not the other way around!

Bring the outside inside. This trend is popular now, and it rarely goes out of style. Some type of fresh foliage, a small fish tank, a magnificent mountain painting – even the smallest sampling of outdoor grandeur can really spruce up your interior.

  • Tip: Fresh flowers demand regular maintenance, and they can get expensive, depending on the flora. ArtificalPlantsAndTrees.com, a leading supplier of authentic-looking and affordable home and office décor, has a great selection up for grabs. Opt for a silk floor plant, if you’re fortunate to have enough elbow room in the office. Cubicle dwellers, don’t worry – for workers in more compact spaces, a tabletop plant will turn the trick.

Fabulous furnishings. Don’t forget your furniture. Most office personnel regard their desk or chair as a simple, functional item. It’s time to think differently – combine function and fashion for an unexpected take on traditional office decorating. You can still sit comfortably and also elevate your own personal workspace.

  • Tip: Go for style and support simultaneously. The Zuo Modern Admire office chair from ArtificalPlantsAndTrees.com shows contemporary elegance at every angle, yet also offers premium comfort and go-anywhere portability.

Well-dressed walls & cool countertops. We’ve already seen how stylish tile can uplift an office space. Since fabric wall art is one of the most popular home decorating trends of 2016, take some time to put together your own designs.

  • Tip: Simply attach your fabric with push-pins on your cubicle walls. For added flair, try updating your workplace kitchen or bathroom. Granada Tile’s countertop projects inject color and classy character to those office areas beyond your desk.

These are just a few ways you can get started today. With a little bit of leeway from the boss, and a few good ideas to work with, the only limit to your office area in 2016 is your own imagination!

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