Advances in medical equipment technology have kept pace with – and sometimes exceeded – innovations in other professional fields. To ensure your practice remains competitive and viable, you need to attract the best possible talent and also obtain superior medical equipment.

Recruiting your medical staff is a topic for another day; for this post, we’ll concentrate on top-quality, ultra-reliable equipment that will immediately add value to your medical practice. In order to offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, you need cutting-edge devices. The following group of medical equipment has earned praise from both licensed healthcare professionals and patients alike.

MediCap USB 300 HD Capture System

It’s hard to overstate the importance of reliable HD video in the medical industry. Prescott’s MediCap USB 300 HD Capture System offers the simplicity of plug-and-go convenience with some of the most advanced video quality available anywhere. The MediCap USB 300 HD system records up to two weeks of crystal-clear HD video, and is ideal for a wide range of medical diagnostic applications. Doctors, physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare staff can use this versatile Prescott system in conjunction with surgical cameras, ultrasound equipment, arthroscopes, endoscopes and more.

KaVo MASTERMatic Straight & Contra-Angle Dental Handpieces

When you visit the dentist, proper care starts with exceptional vision. KaVo’s latest MASTERmatic handpieces provide comprehensive visibility and industry-leading precision for both dentists and dental assistants. Six different models are available, each with customized size configurations for any oral care requirements. Building on the legacy of KaVo’s renowned GENTLEpower LUX series of handpieces, the MASTERmatic lineup includes the M05 L Mini for high-speed performance, the M20 L Contra-angle handpiece and the reliable M10 L, just to name a few.

EndoVac Irrigation System

Successful root canal procedures depend on proper irrigation. The smallest error or the slightest miscalculation can result in irrigation accidents, which are one of the most common causes of root canal failure. Kerr Dental’s EndoVac system draws fluid away from the treatment area with a negative pressure system, unlike most other positive-pressure procedures. If your dental practice performs root canals on a regular basis, or is regarded as a root canal specialist in your region, the EndoVac system is worth strong consideration as the centerpiece of your oral surgery equipment. With complete kits, conversion kits and a full line of compatible accessories (including adapters, tubing, handpieces, sponges and more), Kerr Dental has the products in place to elevate your dental practice’s root canal treatment capability.

CaviWipes AF and CaviCide AF Surface Disinfectants

Every medical practice is concerned with cross-contamination. A sterile environment is the end goal, but can be difficult to achieve. To that end, Kerr Dental’s exclusive CaviWipes AF and CaviCide AF  wipes, sprays and liquid disinfectants help clean and disinfect a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces. Part of Kerr Dental’s “TotalCare” collection of disinfectants designed to reduce cross-contamination, the CaviWipes AF and CaviCide AF products are alcohol-free and are shown by clinical research to help combat Staph, MRSA and TB.

Quality medical equipment and products are absolutely critical for every type of healthcare facility, from dental practices to general medical practices, from urgent care centers to emergency rooms. What medical equipment does your practice rely on? Let us know in the comments section – thanks for reading our blog!

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