Depending on where you work (and how flexible your employer is with attire), a business dress code can range anywhere from jeans and sneakers to buttoned-down and formal professional clothing. Given the drastically different kinds of accepted attire in an office setting, it helps to keep your fashion ear to the ground. Dressing for success can happen in any environment, from hip start-ups to traditional manufacturing firms.

So how should you navigate your company’s dress code? For starters, don’t try to push the envelope too much. If there’s any questionable piece of clothing that gives you pause (for example, a shorter-than-usual skirt for ladies), it’s a good idea to run it by HR first. But given any accepted dress code, you can always stand out in a crowd – and if you’re aiming for that next big promotion, going the extra mile in your walk-in closet may pay dividends down the road!

3 Tips & Tricks for Winning Office Attire

Just relax. There’s nothing wrong with clothing that’s a little comfy and formal at the same time. For women, cream-colored pants suits are suddenly en vogue again, as they bring an understated yet elegant element to any office space. Guys, don’t be afraid of those ubiquitous khaki pants; they’re been around a while for a reason. They’re versatile, casual and go with just about anything. “Relaxed casual” seems to be a winning style for the summer, and you can also make it work for the other three seasons, too.

Make it fit. For most business settings, conservative clothing is the safe bet. But if you’re at a new start-up or non-traditional workplace, don’t be afraid to wear flashy colors, go against the grain every now and then and try something different. Bottom line: always dress the part, both for the job you want and the type of employer you’re working for.

Embrace Your Dress Code. If you’ve found your dream job, but aren’t crazy about the attire options, don’t sweat it. Find out what works for your office environment, and use those boundaries appropriately. Virtually any business dress code has enough wiggle-room to show off your personal preferences, despite internal complaints (and trust us, every company has employees who will complain about something). For better or worse, most companies have a dress code in place, and it’s up to you to find the best possible attire.

Accessorize for Success

Let’s expand on personal attire for a moment. Aside from the obvious – clothes – how can you elevate your personal appearance? Great grooming helps, as does proper posture. Plus, having the right accessory never hurts. Bracelets, necklaces and pendants – Energy Muse has an outstanding selection to choose from – add that extra level of sophistication for business meetings, everyday office activities and after-hours get-togethers. Dress for success by thinking beyond pants, suits, skirts and shoes. Links of London offers a wide variety of bracelets, charms and other accessories to enhance any style, whether it’s fun or formal. Jewelry and decorative accessories are a smart way to show your co-workers you’re serious about style.

What You Wear Tells a Story

One more word of advice…office fashion is a subtle way of communication. What you wear gives a glimpse into what type of person you are, both in and out of your workplace. But while you’re at the office, you should keep an eye on current trends without appearing to be a “try-hard.” Just go with the flow, stay within your firm’s dress code, and your office attire will work for you, instead of against you!

What’s your one regrettable office fashion faux pas? Do you have a go-to office get-up? As always, your comments are appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and check back for more business news and trends that matter to you!

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