The connection between health and job performance is beyond debate. Enough data has been collected to definitively conclude that a healthy, happy employee is a productive employee.

To cite just one example from the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) at Brigham Young University, employees that eat healthily and exercise at least three times per week are more than 25% less likely to miss work than other workers.

From corporate fitness centers to healthy eating plans, businesses all across the United States are all in on this win-win scenario. Given that many corporate office workers and other employees (even blue-collar types) spend at least 40 hours per week on the job, establishing health-friendly habits away from home is more important than ever.

But how can employers help their employees get from point A to point B, in terms of physical health? It appears one key might be a comprehensive physical examination.

Establishing a Baseline: The First Step in Employee Wellness

Many employer wellness programs offer a full suite of services and incentives to help their workers establish healthy habits – but what about tracking progress?

For brain trauma and concussions, medical researchers and doctors have stressed the importance of having athletes and others undergo a “baseline” examination. This test allows care providers to compare and contrast post-concussion activity against pre-concussion brain performance. From this data, doctors and therapists are better able to analyze injury impact – and offer the best possible care moving forward.

The same principle applies to employer health initiatives.

Many of the current workplace wellness trends – enjoying a healthy workplace, optimal mental well-being, and others – are impossible to gauge without a firm “baseline” to measure against.

By incorporating physical examinations into their workplaces wellness programs, employers are giving their employees their own accurate starting point – body weight, blood pressure and other vital information – to track their fitness goals.

The Benefits of Corporate Physicals and Occupational Health Programs

Medical providers like Banner Urgent Care, the leading network of immediate care walk-in clinics in the Phoenix metro area, are responding with a pro-active approach to the dynamic between employers and their employees, in terms of corporate health plans. For example, Banner Urgent Care offers an Occupational Health Program – complete with comprehensive physical examinations and injury treatment protocols – which is gaining popularity with businesses across Arizona.

Plus, Banner Urgent Care’s regular medical service offerings – affordable physicals, flu shots and more – offer a well-rounded plan for optimal health, in and out of the office.

How does your corporate wellness plan stack up against the competition? Do you have access to beneficial programs like Banner Urgent Care’s occupational health initiatives? Let us know in the comments section – and thanks for stopping by our blog!

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