If your company already exhibits at trade shows, you know how impactful they are for your firm’s industry-wide profile. If not, or if you’d like to maximize your trade show presence, keep reading! This Innovative Company blog will focus on all the different ways a trade show can benefit your bottom line – and make your company’s public profile shine at the same time!

We talked with a few industry experts about effective trade show marketing, along with the major benefits of hosting a booth or exhibit. One common theme we noticed is a memorable trade show presence. Roughly half of all trade show attendees plan on visiting only one or two booths, so it pays to stand out in a crowd. With that in mind, let’s review how trade shows can help build your business brand (and profits, too), and some things your company can do to make every trade show second count.

Tricks of the Trade (Show)

Like any semi-regular event, trade shows have their own particular culture. While every trade show is a little bit different, they all have the same goal: to allow like-minded companies to tell their own story. How memorable will your company’s story be? The answer to that question influences public image, sales numbers and much more.

So what are some major reasons your company should consider an exhibit at the next trade show?

Establish / strengthen business relationships. In our email-is-everything world, it’s refreshing to actually meet clients face-to-face. Many companies who host booths at trade shows benefit from an unexpected surprise: trade shows are ideal for building rapport with existing customers. And they’re the perfect environment for allowing customers to get up close and personal with new products and designs. Some marketing experts call it the “kids in a candy store” effect, and its real-life impact on profit margins can’t be ignored!


Build more business. As single events go, a trade show has few rivals for getting maximum return on investment (ROI). Trade shows offer endless methods for measuring your ROI, from actual leads to follow-up calls with clients to foot traffic at your booth. Thus, it helps to have a scorekeeper of sorts at your company’s trade show booth – somebody that can collect real-time data for future use. If your accountant or analyst needs a trip away from the office, the next trade show is a great opportunity!

Get a jump on your competitors. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and serious firms take full advantage of the front-and-center aspects of a trade show exhibit. To optimize visibility and make your customers remember your company long after a trade show has ended, some professional assistance is highly recommended. For example, ExpoMarketing specializes in custom-built, eye-catching exhibits that resonate with potential customers. The trade show company’s calling-card is putting your firm’s best foot forward. The next time you attend a trade show, pay attention to the quality of all the exhibits. The ones that stand out not only convey a keen marketing ability, but also seriousness about their craft. ExpoMarketing’s expertise means the difference between “just another company” and one that everyone remembers.

Keep an eye on the competition. It’s always good to get a gauge on how you currently stack up against the competition. But other than black-and-white sales figures, market share analysis and a few other top-level statistics (which always don’t tell the entire story), let’s face it – finding out what the “other guys” are up to isn’t the easiest business task. That’s why trade shows are so incredibly effective at getting a glimpse into your major competitors’ projects. Expanding on the previous points, trade shows are a place where companies like to exhibit current products and services, and also offer a tease at what’s coming up around the corner. See what solutions your major market competitors are offering – how you adapt and adjust will help in the long run.

These are just a handful of reasons your company can benefit from a trade show exhibit. Whether you’re a trade show rookie or a 20-year veteran, one thing to keep in mind is that innovation matters. Be different. Stand out. Make each and every trade show an opportunity to tell your company’s story!

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