Every medical practice requires precise diagnosis, targeted therapeutic treatments, and efficient operational procedures; a chiropractor’s office is no different. From reduced downtime (eliminating missed appointments) to patient retention, a chiropractic practice benefits from streamlined efficiency, all the way from the patient chair to the back office.

Successful chiropractic establishments have the following common characteristics:

  • A dedicated, passionate staff.
  • Outstanding patient support services.
  • Quality patient care and proven results.

But what separates the elite chiropractor practices from the rest? One “hidden aspect” that goes unnoticed is the type of software utilized by a chiropractor’s office.


Elevated Performance, Effective Treatment – Advantages of Chiropractic Software

The delicate dynamic between hardware and software components is illustrated with a typical trip to a chiropractor. Think about it this way: an ailing patient with back or neck pain is the “hardware” part of the equation – the spinal column, bulging discs and other “parts” comprise specific hardware elements, while a skillful chiropractor’s intuition, knowledge, and diagnostic prowess make up the software.

When a patient leaves a chiropractic office refreshed and rejuvenated after an adjustment, it’s simply an extension of a streamlined software application aiding an ailing hardware apparatus.

To take this parallel even further, why wouldn’t a chiropractor embrace the best possible means for effective, on-point patient treatment? Recent technological advances have elevated chiropractic treatment and therapy, and smart practices are embracing all the latest benefits.

A useful software platform is one thing, but a software system designed specifically for the unique demands of a chiropractor’s office is quite another. In order to give chiropractors and their support staff the tools and resources necessary to succeed, ChiroTouch offers a complete, comprehensive solution.

ChiroTouch, the next generation of chiropractor practice management software, offers an all-in-one platform to handle all the demands of a busy office. With ChiroTouch’s unique multi-tier management, managing your practice is easier than ever. ChiroTouch offers:

  • Automated alerts – from visit cycles to in-house chart monitoring, automatic reminders provide the ultimate backup plan.
  • Report templates – whether you want to improve office productivity or analyze recent market trends, ChiroTouch has pre-loaded templates to meet – and exceed – your requirements.
  • Multi-platform convenience – ChiroTouch data follows you with smartphone apps, iPad interface capability and a robust, ready-for-anything PC environment with all the information your office needs.
  • Timely patient engagement – with check-in alerts, marketing tools, and text reminders, it’s never been easier to connect with your patients, both in and out of the office!
  • Enhanced patient billing – ChiroTouch has built-in tools to streamline the billing process. Reduced errors, faster payments, powerful billing workflows and more – with ChiroTouch, billing is a breeze.

To learn more about all the benefits of ChiroTouch, please visit their website. Chiropractors across the country have already benefitted from ChiroTouch; check out their impressive suite of services and decide for yourself! You can also request a demo to see how ChiroTouch can help.

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